Danny Nikas

  Moving Checklist

Old Location

Take these items into consideration while still at the old location:

Arrange for a professional mover
Take household goods inventory
Check with your insurance agent about coverage for the move, transfer of policies
Clean out closets/garage
Send draperies and rugs to cleaners in time for packing with other goods
Defrost freezer

Call your landlord or the following to have services shut off or disconnected:

Water company
Cable TV company
Electric company
Newspaper delivery
Gas/oil company
Dairy delivery
Telephone company

Notify post office of new address and send change of address cards to:

Charge accounts
Credit cards
Loan companies
Friends, relatives

Take care of household and personal business:

Pick up any clothing, storage items from cleaners
Empty safe-deposit box
Arrange for banking in new location, transfer bank funds
Arrange for local school to transfer children's records
Ask dentist for recommendations of new dentist and arrange for records to be forwarded

General dentist    _______________________________________________________

Orthodontist        _______________________________________________________

Other                 _______________________________________________________

Ask physician(s) for recommendations and arrange for records to be forwarded.

Family doctor      _______________________________________________________

Pediatrician        _______________________________________________________

Specialists         _______________________________________________________

Obtain veterinarian records
Have appliances serviced for moving, if applicable
Transfer church, club, civic organization memberships; obtain letters of introduction
Obtain moving company's toll-free telephone number to check progress of shipment:

Name of company _______________________________________________________

Telephone number _______________________________________________________

Make travel arrangements:

Hotel reservations
Arrange for transportation of pets
Car rental
Plan auto route
Tell a close friend or relative your plans � let him/her act as your message center
Check closets, shelves, all rooms to be sure they are empty
Leave current house or apartment in clean condition

Before Arriving At New Location

Arrange for utility services in new area:

Water company
Electric company
Gas/oil company
Telephone company

Ask new landlord, previous tenant or real estate agent for recommendations for repair services:

Plumber             _______________________________________________________

Electrician           _______________________________________________________

TV repair            _______________________________________________________

New Location

Order local newspapers
Meet your neighbors (write down their names)
Get recommendations for babysitters, nanny agencies, etc.
Contact Welcome Wagon, Welcome Ambassador, or other merchant-sponsored organizations for information and free gifts, coupons
Join Newcomers Club
Put valuables into a safety deposit box in the new bank
Arrange for new school to receive records
Contact new dentists and doctors to arrange for record delivery
Have pets licensed
Arrange for new registration of cars (bicycles, also, if required)
Obtain new driver's license if you moved to a new province, or correct address on present license